AIC 2010: Oral presentations

Final program
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Tuesday, October 12

Pre-congress seminars
● D. Bardier: ¿Qué nos da hoy el color? Desde la física a la sociedad (texto)
● L. MacDonald: Introduction to colour measurement (text)
● L. MacDonald: Introduction to colour measurement (PPT)

Wednesday, October 13, morning

Opening session: Food Color and Appearance
● J. Hutchings: Food, expectations, colour and appearance
● O. da Pos, C. Rao: Colours seen through transparent objects
● I. Jung et al.: What is the colour of a glass of wine?

Psychological Aspects of Food Color
● P. Conceição: The control of animal stress and welfare with measurements of skin color variation: A new field of applications of colorimetry in applied psychology
● R. Frontera, M. Camerlo, D. Frontera: The psychology of color: A relevant instrument in marketing and design
● M. Cox, M. Domper: Use of color in the promotion of consumption of fruits and vegetables: The experience in the program “5 a day Chile”
● M. Kuo, H. Chang, Y. Tseng: A study of the relationship between color and the Chinese five elements –exemplified by the color schemes of health food in Taiwan

Wednesday, October 13, afternoon

Color in Food Packaging
● J. Castillo, P. Becerra: Color strategies for food packaging: Systematic compilation and analysis of chromatic palettes of olive oil’s package
● M. Musso: Colour as a code in food packaging: an Argentine case
● P. Csillag: Food package chromatic design: an analysis from the point of view of visual perception
● C. Prause, S. Cariola: Compatible colour palettes for natural food packaging
● M. Rojas, J. Fossati: Study and analysis of the consistency of the color from the piece of food to the virtual representation in the screen and in the packaging

Color in Food-Related Architecture
● A. Incatasciato et al.: Chromatic expressions in commercial architecture: Córdoba, Argentina
● D. Suárez, M. Avila, V. Domijan: Urban image and color in the food industry architecture
● L. Noury: Art and colour design of commercial architecture devoted to food

Thursday, October 14, morning

Food Chemistry and Colorimetry
● M. Akhtar et al.: Role of color edible films against photo-oxidation of salmon oil: Physico-chemical characterization of film
● R. Hirschler: Whiteness, yellowness and browning in food colorimetry – a critical review
● N. Harkness, D. Leedham, M. Butterworth: Application of non-contact digital imaging for “measuring the un-measurable”
● S. Kim, M. Golding, R. Archer: Matching target colours in a food system using the Allen colorimetric algorithm
● M. Melgosa et al.: Color-difference measurements using 9-steps gray scales

Food Colorimetry
● D. Ferraris et al.: Relationship between sensory analysis and the instrumental colour and visual texture assessment of deep-fried breaded veal
● F. Rodriguez-Pulido et al.: Application of image analysis to the colour-phenolic composition relationships of grape seeds
● M. Lucassen, J. Alferdinck, R. van Megen: Color classification of veal carcasses: Past, present and future
● A. Negueruela: Is the colour measured in food the colour that we see?

Thursday October 14, afternoon

Color and Food in Arts and Culture
● L. Echagüe: From Arcimboldo to Mondongo: Food and color in painting
● O. Burgos: The Last supper of Leonardo da Vinci, analysis and interpretation
● S. Gündes, D. Özden: Between mysterious and sin: Red in pomegranate and apple
● M. Tassara: It’s nice… can it be tasty?

Color, Food Properties, and Preferences
● R. Peacock-Smith: The colour of food and its relationship to appetite appeal
● S. Sueeprasan, C. Traisiwaku: Colour evaluation of green tea drinks by Thai observers
● L. Agudelo et al.: Color determination in dehydrated fruits: Image analysis and photocolorimetry
● A. Gallo, P. Buera, C. Petriella: Color study at storage of lyophilized carrot systems
● J. Sandoval et al.: Spectral signatures: A way to identify species and conditions of vegetables

Friday, October 15, morning

Color Design in Food Environments
● M. Avila: Food, colors and urban places
● E. Cordero, F. Poblete, M. Egert: The daily quotes that transforms the city into a festival of colours: River Market Valdivia
● T. Lee, V. Sun: Color preference for dining space and its imagery
● P. Giglio: Beverages and containers: An experiment for color appearance teaching

Color and Food in Culture and Language
● S. Barrios: Bicentenary: The colour in NOA’s -Argentinian north-western- aboriginal cultural pottery
● S. Gündes, A. Yildiran: Female names associated with rose in food and color relationship
● L. MacDonald, D. Mylonas: Edible colour names
● A. Mollard-Desfour, S. Krylosova, V. Schindler: From red bordeaux to absinthe green, from hot chocolate to capuccino: Beverages, their referential colour terms and reflections on cultural differences

Friday, October 15, afternoon

Food Lighting, Color Imaging and Appearance
● I. Villar: Enjoying food under a new light
● S. Okuda et al.: Effect of illuminance and correlated colour temperature on visibility of food colour in making meals
● B. Funt, M. Mosny: Color calibration via natural food colors
● J. Lin, M. Lo: Using image partition and process syncronization technologies to shine food via web-based color gamut mapping in cross-media

Closing Session: Lecture and Reports
● D. Lozano: Colour and visual appearance in foods
● Study groups reports: Color Education, Environmental Color Design, Visual Illusions and Effects, Color Perception of the Elderly, The Language of Color
● Presentation of next meetings:
AIC 2015 Color and Image, Tokyo, Japan
AIC 2013, 12th Congress, Newcastle Gateshead, UK
AIC 2012 Color & Environment, Taipei, Taiwan
AIC 2011 Interaction of Color & Light, Zurich, Switzerland