AIC 2010: Oral presentations

Final program
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Tuesday, October 12

Pre-congress seminars
● D. Bardier: ¿Qué nos da hoy el color? Desde la física a la sociedad (texto)
● L. MacDonald: Introduction to colour measurement (text)
● L. MacDonald: Introduction to colour measurement (PPT)

Wednesday, October 13, morning

Opening session: Food Color and Appearance
● J. Hutchings: Food, expectations, colour and appearance
● O. da Pos, C. Rao: Colours seen through transparent objects
● I. Jung et al.: What is the colour of a glass of wine?

Psychological Aspects of Food Color
● P. Conceição: The control of animal stress and welfare with measurements of skin color variation: A new field of applications of colorimetry in applied psychology
● R. Frontera, M. Camerlo, D. Frontera: The psychology of color: A relevant instrument in marketing and design
● M. Cox, M. Domper: Use of color in the promotion of consumption of fruits and vegetables: The experience in the program “5 a day Chile”
● M. Kuo, H. Chang, Y. Tseng: A study of the relationship between color and the Chinese five elements –exemplified by the color schemes of health food in Taiwan

Wednesday, October 13, afternoon

Color in Food Packaging
● J. Castillo, P. Becerra: Color strategies for food packaging: Systematic compilation and analysis of chromatic palettes of olive oil’s package
● M. Musso: Colour as a code in food packaging: an Argentine case
● P. Csillag: Food package chromatic design: an analysis from the point of view of visual perception
● C. Prause, S. Cariola: Compatible colour palettes for natural food packaging
● M. Rojas, J. Fossati: Study and analysis of the consistency of the color from the piece of food to the virtual representation in the screen and in the packaging

Color in Food-Related Architecture
● A. Incatasciato et al.: Chromatic expressions in commercial architecture: Córdoba, Argentina
● D. Suárez, M. Avila, V. Domijan: Urban image and color in the food industry architecture
● L. Noury: Art and colour design of commercial architecture devoted to food

Thursday, October 14, morning

Food Chemistry and Colorimetry
● M. Akhtar et al.: Role of color edible films against photo-oxidation of salmon oil: Physico-chemical characterization of film
● R. Hirschler: Whiteness, yellowness and browning in food colorimetry – a critical review
● N. Harkness, D. Leedham, M. Butterworth: Application of non-contact digital imaging for “measuring the un-measurable”
● S. Kim, M. Golding, R. Archer: Matching target colours in a food system using the Allen colorimetric algorithm
● M. Melgosa et al.: Color-difference measurements using 9-steps gray scales

Food Colorimetry
● D. Ferraris et al.: Relationship between sensory analysis and the instrumental colour and visual texture assessment of deep-fried breaded veal
● F. Rodriguez-Pulido et al.: Application of image analysis to the colour-phenolic composition relationships of grape seeds
● M. Lucassen, J. Alferdinck, R. van Megen: Color classification of veal carcasses: Past, present and future
● A. Negueruela: Is the colour measured in food the colour that we see?

Thursday October 14, afternoon

Color and Food in Arts and Culture
● L. Echagüe: From Arcimboldo to Mondongo: Food and color in painting
● O. Burgos: The Last supper of Leonardo da Vinci, analysis and interpretation
● S. Gündes, D. Özden: Between mysterious and sin: Red in pomegranate and apple
● M. Tassara: It’s nice… can it be tasty?

Color, Food Properties, and Preferences
● R. Peacock-Smith: The colour of food and its relationship to appetite appeal
● S. Sueeprasan, C. Traisiwaku: Colour evaluation of green tea drinks by Thai observers
● L. Agudelo et al.: Color determination in dehydrated fruits: Image analysis and photocolorimetry
● A. Gallo, P. Buera, C. Petriella: Color study at storage of lyophilized carrot systems
● J. Sandoval et al.: Spectral signatures: A way to identify species and conditions of vegetables

Friday, October 15, morning

Color Design in Food Environments
● M. Avila: Food, colors and urban places
● E. Cordero, F. Poblete, M. Egert: The daily quotes that transforms the city into a festival of colours: River Market Valdivia
● T. Lee, V. Sun: Color preference for dining space and its imagery
● P. Giglio: Beverages and containers: An experiment for color appearance teaching

Color and Food in Culture and Language
● S. Barrios: Bicentenary: The colour in NOA’s -Argentinian north-western- aboriginal cultural pottery
● S. Gündes, A. Yildiran: Female names associated with rose in food and color relationship
● L. MacDonald, D. Mylonas: Edible colour names
● A. Mollard-Desfour, S. Krylosova, V. Schindler: From red bordeaux to absinthe green, from hot chocolate to capuccino: Beverages, their referential colour terms and reflections on cultural differences

Friday, October 15, afternoon

Food Lighting, Color Imaging and Appearance
● I. Villar: Enjoying food under a new light
● S. Okuda et al.: Effect of illuminance and correlated colour temperature on visibility of food colour in making meals
● B. Funt, M. Mosny: Color calibration via natural food colors
● J. Lin, M. Lo: Using image partition and process syncronization technologies to shine food via web-based color gamut mapping in cross-media

Closing Session: Lecture and Reports
● D. Lozano: Colour and visual appearance in foods
● Study groups reports: Color Education, Environmental Color Design, Visual Illusions and Effects, Color Perception of the Elderly, The Language of Color
● Presentation of next meetings:
AIC 2015 Color and Image, Tokyo, Japan
AIC 2013, 12th Congress, Newcastle Gateshead, UK
AIC 2012 Color & Environment, Taipei, Taiwan
AIC 2011 Interaction of Color & Light, Zurich, Switzerland

AIC 2010 Color and Food: Statistics of presentations and registered participants

Final program

139 presentations:
90 posters, 49 oral (42 oral papers, 4 invited lectures,
2 pre-congress seminars, 1 sponsor talk)

202 participants, 26 countries

Participants by country:
97 Argentina, 19 Japan, 19 Spain, 9 Italy, 7 Taiwan, 6 Chile, 6 Sweden, 5 Brazil, 5 France, 4 United Kingdom, 3 Korea,
3 Netherlands, 2 Australia, 2 China, 2 New Zealand,
2 Portugal, 2 Turkey, 1 Canada, 1 Hungary, 1 Iran,
1 Mexico, 1 Russia, 1 Switzerland, 1 Thailand, 1 Uruguay,

Participants by continent:
112 America, 53 Europe, 33 Asia, 4 Oceania

Participants by institution:
20 Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina,
12 Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina,
07 Universidad de Sevilla, Spain,
07 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina,
06 Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina,
05 Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria, Argentina,
05 Instituto Sup. Experimental de Tecnol. Alimentaria, Arg.,
04 Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina,
04 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain,
03 Chiba University, Japan,
03 Chinese Culture University, Taiwan,
03 Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Japan,
03 Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan,
03 Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina,
117 other institutions or companies

Participants by kind of participation:
171 presenting authors,
19 attending persons,
7 accompanying persons,
5 exhibitors

Participants by kind of registration:
87 basic, 63 full, 14 basic organizing committee, 14 basic GAC, 7 accompanying, 6 invited, 6 complimentary, 5 student

Pictures of the Meeting

Final program
From the links below you can download photographs of AIC 2010 Color and Food, Mar del Plata, 12-15 October 2010:

12 tuesday - pre-congress:
13 wednesday - day 1:
14 thursday - day 2:
15 friday - day 3:
16 saturday - excursion:

This is a collection of photographs taken mainly by Cristina Manganiello, with some by Jose Luis Caivano, Mabel A. Lopez, Larissa Noury, and Maria Mercedes Avila.

Proceedings of the Meeting

AIC 2010 Color and Food, Proceedings for purchase:
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AIC 2010 Color and Food: From the Farm to the Table
Interim Meeting of the International Color Association
Mar del Plata, Argentina, 12-15 October 2010
edited by / editadas por: Jose L. Caivano, Mabel A. Lopez
published at / publicadas en: Buenos Aires, 2010
by / por: Grupo Argentino del Color
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Additional info:

AIC 2010 - Interim Meeting
International Color Association

Date: October 12 to 15

Spring in the South hemisphere
City: Mar del Plata, Argentina

Organizer: Grupo Argentino del Color,
and National University of Mar del Plata

“Color and food: From the farm to the table”

This choice takes into account that the theme of color in food was not addressed to in any previous AIC meeting. It comprises a variety of topics from technology to design, including architecture, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, as well as social and economic aspects:

color & appearance
color technology
color communication
color instrumentation
commercial architecture
consumer expectations
color chemistry
color design
color preferences
color physics
color psychology

The multidisciplinary character of the meeting will be reflected in the structure of the program. It is our aim to cover every aspect of the study of color in food, which is where we derive the theme: “from the farm to the table”

As an antecedent, the Argentine Color Group has the experience of having organized four national symposia about color in food:

Buenos Aires 1982, 1984

Mar del Plata 2007

Resistencia 2009

Color market or exhibition
The color market will be held in conjunction with the AIC meeting. This exhibition will cover a wide range of products and services in the various aspects of color.